Brighton Hollingbury Police Station

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Brighton Hollingbury Police Station
BN1 8AF Brighton - Hollingbury
East Sussex England
0845 60 70 999
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We are supporting families or individuals who have become victims of racial incidents.
Anti-Social behaviour is concerns shared by many residents in the Whitehawk and marina areas. As the local police team we carry out High Visibility policing in area’s that have been subject to ASB, any person’s found to be causing ASB are spoken to and parents informed. On the weekend police all over Brighton and Hove run an operation called Operation Park. This operation targets youth disorder and specifically underage drinking. Those caught are warned and any alcohol found is confiscated. The parents are contacted and also warned, all of this information is logged and stored on a specific database. Those found with alcohol and posing a danger to themselves, or others are immediately taken home and again a warning issued. If you are aware of people drinking in public please contact the Police.

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17 September 2016

I'd like to send my sincere thanks to the police officers and related staff who looked after me at the Brighton custody suite between Wednesday night 14th Sept to Friday 16th September 2016. My mental health has been declining of late to the point I'd put myself and others at risk. From the point of being checked up on by police as I'd made threats to harm myself and others, I was arrested for breach of peace, ....I was made to feel like a human being again, taken to a place of safety, custody suite, hollingbury. I was treated with care, respect, I was told that my mental health was of concern to them, they followed this up with their word by continuously monitoring my physical and mental health. I never at any point felt judged despite not being the easiest person to deal with. The nursing care was spot on, no judgement again despite me not caring for the self harm wounds. To be honest this whole experience was shocking and distressing for me due to my own behaviour and it could have made my life a whole lot worse. Instead it's helped me feel better as I was listened to, understood, cared for and made to feel as safe as possible. Please send this to the whole team there and share on Twitter! I'm hopeless at that but please do share this. Organisations get things wrong at times as people do but when they get it right it needs to be said. Best wishes, AB

more than 6 months ago

I've rung your number twenty times over the last few days,no one has answered!why don't you EVER answer your phone!!!!!!??????ridiculous!I give you zero stars,for a zero service,you had my son in your cells next door,you've bullied and tormented him,despite my advice he is mentally unstable!you will be hearing from us!in order to submit this I have to give you one out of five stars for it to go through,your site states zero stars is too low to submit!What a joke this service is,I am apauled!

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